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Esprit Floral Blouse

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A navy blouse with red, yellow and light blue floral print. 

V-neck popover with cuffed button sleeves

I am sustainable! This product contains LENZING ECOVERO fibers

**Inclusive circularity rests on the respectful use of both material resources and human resources. In an inclusive, circular economy, growth will be based on human capital instead of the extraction of natural resources. Waste is no longer an option.

Ensuring that our actions at Esprit embody this philosophy means rethinking every step of the fashion life cycle. So we are re-examining the way we approach design, material selection, manufacturing, and distribution, and align with new streams to support care, collection, resale, recycling, and reutilization.

Moving towards circularity, Esprit incorporates the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals in our sustainability strategy.